Accurate Healthcare offers part B billing and management services of enteral nutrition therapy, ostomy, tracheostomy, urological and wound care products. We have a team of players that not only support your residents but supports your facility as well. Those team members are made up of:

Clinical Staff

  • Registered Dieticians on staff

Account Managers

  • Completes monthly on-site visits with each facility
  • Gathers necessary medical necessity paperwork
  • Assists facilities in Inventory Management
  • Completes assessments to ensure our supplier standards are met and are in compliance.

Patient Care Coordinators/Billing Specialists

  • Receives and handles all resident paperwork related to the proper billing and collections
  • Reviews all paperwork and compiles data of needed documentation prior to a clean claim submission
  • Checks eligibility for each resident to ensure proper billing
  • Handles billing and collection from Medicare part B, other primary and secondary insurances, deductibles and co-pays

Customer Service Representatives

  • Partnering with the Account Management staff, they serve as a dedicated resource for our customers
  • Receives paperwork for any new resident admits via telephone or fax
  • Places product orders for facilities

Warehouse and Delivery Representatives

  • Monitors and tracks inventory in and out of the warehouse
  • Ensures product on-hand
  • Analyzes cost-effective ways of delivery protocol
  • Additional resource for our customers

Managers and Leaders

  • Have over 30 years of experience in the industry
  • Manages staff to ensure compliance and supplier standards are met and maintain our accreditation status.
  • Attends conferences/seminars to better educate our staff and our facilities to today’s ever-changing market.
  • Proven success in Leadership