Pharmacogenetics (PGX) Testing

Pharmacogenetics testing involves the analysis of specific genes that play a pivotal role in drug metabolism.

These genes code for enzymes and proteins responsible for processing drugs within the body. Variations in these genes can affect how quickly or slowly a drug is metabolized, leading to differences in its effectiveness and potential side effects.

Pharmacogenetics Testing

Benefits of Pharmacogenetics Testing
  • Recent studies have shown that PGX can decrease healthcare costs while simultaneously improving clinical outcomes
  • Mitigation of costly trial and error periods when trying to select a new pharmacotherapy
  • Mitigation of costs associated with treating adverse drug events and serious drug interactions
  • Recent advancements in the interpretation of genetic data have led to an increased adoption of pharmacogenetic testing.
  • Reduce call backs from patients and pharmacists regarding medication management
  • Increased patient satisfaction

By integrating PGX Genetics testing services, Accurate Healthcare supports the advancement of precision medicine, where treatments are tailored to an individual’s unique genetic profile. This approach not only enhances the effectiveness of healthcare interventions but also minimizes the potential for adverse reactions and helps to ensure that patients receive the most appropriate and safe medication regimens for their specific genetic makeup.

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